PERIOD:‎ ‎2006 – 2013‎

EMPLOYER:‎ Sistan and Baluchestan Regional Electric Company

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:‎ One breaker and a half busbar, 400 kV four-breaker ring, ‎double busbar, 230 kV busbar, number of 400 kV feeders: two ‎line feeders and two transformer feeders, number of 230 kV ‎feeders: 2 transformer bays + one extension bay and 6 line ‎feeders + 4 extension feeders, a coupling feeder, two shunt ‎reactors, and two neutral reactors, 2 x 315 MVA transformers ‎and DCS control system.‎

LOCATION:‎ 10 km of Iranshahr road, Zahedan city

STAGE:‎ Under operation and ready for provisional delivery

MOSHANIR’S ROLE:‎ Engineering services (phases 1, 2, 3a and 3b) as well as ‎site supervision on construction work of building, and ‎installation

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS:‎ It is the first 400 kV substation in the region.‎

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Moobed Namazi

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