Moshanir is a shining example and updated company that ‎supports the employers with technical and engineering ‎services, contract management and EPC at national, regional ‎and international levels to establish or upgrade the ‎infrastructures of development. We take pride in our human ‎force and we are pleased that in nearly half a century of ‎experience we have made significant contribution to welfare ‎and prosperity of the human being. In this context, ‎Moshanir’s governing values are:‎

-‎ To recruit, retain and promote efficient manpower
-‎ To provide a comprehensive set of services in order to ‎obtain employers’ consent
- ‎Not to divulge employers’ secrets to any one
- ‎To maintain professional ethics and etiquette‎
- ‎To provide services with high quality in accordance with ‎international standards
- Speed in providing services
- ‎To adhere to continuous improvement in provision of ‎services
- ‎Profitability while maintaining the interest of all ‎stakeholders and principles of sustainable development‎