PERIOD:‎ 2010 – 2012

EMPLOYER:‎ Lorestan Regional Water Company

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:‎ Clay core earthfill dam with alluvial foundation, crest elevation 2076 m.a.s.l., dam normal level 2072 m.a.s.l., minimum operation level 2054 m.a.s.l., dam height 44.6 m from alluvial foundation bed, crest length 381.5 m, reservoir normal volume 1.35 million cubic meters, volume of body materials 513,000 m3, excavation volume 37,000 m3, reservoir spillway volume 0.054 million cubic meters, diversion system in form of a steel pipe with a diameter of 2 m in the left bank, crest width 10 m, upstream cofferdam height 10 m, upstream cofferdam crest elevation 2047.5.‎

LOCATION:‎ 14 km away from northeast of Azna, 16 km away from northwest of Aligudarz district

STAGE:‎ Completed

MOSHANIR’S ROLE:‎ Performance of first stage studies


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