PERIOD:‎ ‎2009 – 2013‎

EMPLOYER:‎ Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:‎ A clay core rockfill dam with a ‎height of 114 m from river bed has been anticipated and its ‎reservoir capacity is about 380 million cubic meters. A ‎tunnel with a length of about 4.4 km was also designed to ‎supply the necessary water for the remote power plant of ‎Sardasht in south of dam in order to realize potential ‎production of 150 MW.‎

LOCATION:‎ Sardasht district

STAGE:‎ Provisional delivery of diversion tunnels and access road ‎was carried out.‎

MOSHANIR’S ROLE:‎ Moshanir as the consultant on the project is responsible for ‎providing all engineering services through a joint venture ‎agreement.‎

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS:‎ ‎150 MW of hydroelectric power production, agricultural ‎water supply for 7,800 hectares of land surrounding the dam, ‎power grid frequency regulation and power production, short-‎term job creation during dam construction, and long-term job ‎creation by the agricultural land surrounding the dam

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