PERIOD: 2005 – 2009


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The Iran-Armenia gas pipeline is 28 inches in diameter and about 40 km long from zero point border to Kajaran city, the initial capacity of pipeline is about 4 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. In this project, in addition to the main pipeline, launcher and receiver stations, methanol injection, condensate collection and cathodic protection system will be constructed along the pipeline.

LOCATION: In continuation of Iran-Armenia gas pipeline, this project starts from Norduz border region adjacent to Aras River and continues along the route from Meghri to Kajaran cities.

STAGE: Permanently delivered

MOSHANIR’S ROLE: Moshanir as the consultant on the project has responsibility for preparing tender documents, technical specifications of equipment, translating construction drawings from Russian into Persian, design review, evaluating and introducing contractors, supervision on the equipment supply, supreme and site supervision on project construction operations.


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