PERIOD:‎ ‎2006 – 2015

EMPLOYER:‎Thermal Power Plants Holding Company

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:‎ This power plant consists of 12 gas units and 6 steam units, ‎with a total capacity of 2880 MW, running on natural gas as ‎primary fuel and gas oil as the backup fuel. The cooling ‎systems used for steam units of this project are of Heller ‎type.‎

LOCATION:‎ Kilometer 40 of Tehran-Garmsar road

STAGE: ‎The units are installed and permanently delivered.

MOSHANIR’S ROLE:‎ Engineering services and supreme supervision including ‎design review and investigation of project progress ‎according to the time schedule, supervision on locally-‎manufactured equipment, project management and control and site ‎supervision

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS:‎ Optimized use of the energy resulted from fuel consumption, ‎and increase of power plant productivity and efficiency ‎using domestic technical expertise in the field of design, ‎engineering, and increase of local manufacturing capacity of ‎power plant main equipment.‎

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