PERIOD:‎ ‎2002 - 2008‎

EMPLOYER:‎ Tavanir Company – Renewable Energy Organization of Iran

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:‎ This power plant includes 43 turbines, each with a capacity ‎of 660 kV. This wind farm site has a substation building ‎with an area of 620 m2 and access ways to turbines.‎

LOCATION:‎ ‎55km away from Mashad-Nishabour road

STAGE:‎ Permanently delivered

MOSHANIR’S ROLE:‎ Anemometry studies of the region and wind farm simulation, ‎wind farm layout and layout design of wind turbines, ‎estimation of recoverable energy, and economic analysis of ‎the project, preliminary studies, access roads design, ‎foundation, substation building and culvert, supervision on ‎geological tests, preparation of general layout drawings, ‎structure, bridge and culverts, local 20 kV network design, ‎‎20 kV substations, 132/20 kV substation building, ‎supervision on construction, manufacturing, installation and ‎provisional and permanent delivery of wind turbines, and ‎training.‎


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