Inauguration of the third unit of the steam section of Shirvan Combined Cycle Power Plant on 31/Jan/2021

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Shirvan Combined Cycle Power Plant is located 12 km southeast of Shirvan city in North Khorasan province with a total capacity of 1434 MW including 6 gas units of Ansaldo V94.2 each with a capacity of 159 MW and three units of steam section each with a capacity of 160 MW of E type turbine, HRSG type boiler and Heller type cooling system have been constructed. The first fuel of the power plant is natural gas and the second fuel is gasoline and its water consumption is 110 cubic meters per hour. The project employer is Thermal Powerplants Holding Company and the consultant of the site supervision on the executive activities of the gas units and engineering services and supreme supervision, as well as the site supervision of the steam section is Moshanir company. The executive activities of the steam section of this project started in July 2009. On January 31, 2021 by the order of the President in the form of a video conference with the presence of the Deputy for Electricity and Energy of Ministery of Energy, Mr. Haeri, CEO of Thermal Powerplants Holding Company, Mr. Tarztalab, CEO and Deputy for Power Generation of Moshanir Company, the project is inaugurated. It is worth mentioning that in the opening ceremony of Shirvan Combined Cycle Power Plant, the efforts and perseverance of the and staff of Moshanir Company was appreciated by the high officials of the Ministry of Energy and the CEO of the Thermal Powerplants Holding Company. It is commendable that we congratulate this success to all the colleagues of the company.

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