World is developing. The growing population from one hand ‎faces with growing demand for water, food, energy and raw ‎materials, and from the other hand needs guidance and ‎coherent planning to meet this demand. Along with population ‎growth comes increased demand for energy, and the world's ‎population will face water shortage. Fossil fuels have not ‎only changed the climate and caused air pollution, but also ‎they do not seem to meet the future needs caused by ‎population growth and decrease of these fuels. We in ‎Moshanir have accepted the need to search for new sources of ‎water and energy for economic development as a general ‎principle and we know that in design of these new sources, ‎the minimum adverse environmental impacts shall be taken ‎into account. Moshanir tries to provide the best technical, ‎ecological and economic solutions through integration of ‎environmental infrastructures into man-made superstructures. ‎The solutions should be consistent with today and future demands ‎of human.‎

Moshanir, as a private company, with nearly half a century of experience and ‎capable staff, is able to offer services in connection with ‎infrastructures of development in energy supply including ‎all types of hydroelectric, fossil fuel, CHP power plants, ‎renewable energies, optimization and operation of power ‎plants, transmission and distribution such as power ‎transmission lines, high voltage substations and ‎distribution networks, water resources, water desalination ‎plants, water & wastewater treatment, water supply, ‎stabilization and optimization of hydraulic structures, ‎transportation including roads and bridges, railway, metro, ‎tunnel, transmission of gas and oil derivatives, buildings, ‎architecture and environment.‎