With respect to the long experience in engineering and ‎construction work, and purchase of equipment, Moshanir ‎provides the employers with another type of its services in ‎the form of EPC as well as EPCF projects. Moshanir, in terms ‎of these contracts, relieves the employers of price, ‎quality, delivery time, environmental, occupational health ‎and safety considerations, and fully accepts responsibility ‎for operations. Moshanir also takes measures to establish ‎consortium and or joint venture agreement with other ‎companies in the context of memorandum of understanding and ‎or making contract in order to provide a complete set of ‎services to obtain employer’s consent. Accordingly, Moshanir ‎has prepared a shortlist of local and international ‎competent contractors to carry out EPC projects in different ‎work fronts based on which Moshanir is able to satisfy the ‎employers’ needs in this area.‎