PERIOD:‎ Commenced in June 2005‎

EMPLOYER:‎ Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:‎ Double curvature concrete arch dam, height 315 m from ‎foundation, foundation height 10 m, crest length 509 m, ‎foundation width 50 m, crest width 10 m, reservoir capacity ‎‎4845 million cubic meters, reservoir surface area 58.7 km2, ‎reservoir length 59 km.‎

LOCATION:‎ In lower part of Bakhtiari river in Lorestan Province and in ‎southwestern slopes of Zagros Mountains

STAGE:‎ Construction of diversion system and access ways

MOSHANIR’S ROLE:‎ Implementation of the second phase designs, engineering ‎services as well as supervision on construction work of dam ‎and power plants

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS:‎ The world’s tallest double curvature concrete arch dam 315 m ‎in height, the country’s second largest artificial reservoir ‎after Karkheh with a capacity of 4.8 billion cubic meters at ‎normal elevation, negligible damage caused by the reservoir ‎in terms of social issues, power plant capacity 1500 MW.‎

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